About TDHM

Hi, my name is Carol Lester, and I welcome you to my site : The Dolls House Mall

        In the spring of 2004 I began to put together a range of dolls house accessories for sale that I hoped people would want to buy. I have continued to develop the range of products over the years so I hope you can find something of interest.

        I draw most of the items myself and get them etched into brass or stainless steel. Some others are hand made in other materials. Quality is important to me and hopefully that shows in my products.

        Although most of my working life has been illustrating on a drawing board, (etched model trains, racing car illustrations and an electronics technical illustrator), on this project I’m drawing the items on a PC which despite being a massive learning curve, has been well worth it. I use an etcher who is based in the Midlands that I am really pleased with and between us, I think the result is first-rate.  I do hope you think so too.

        I now only sell my items through this site to both retail and some trade customers.

        I hope you enjoy my site.